Useful Guide When Starting Out as a Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

Starting out as a Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer can be quick tricky and confusing at the same time. However, it should be a very easy process, especially if you are great with cameras and have a passion for taking photos. If you musGrand Rapids wedding photographert know, one of the best ways to develop an income source is to run with an idea you have a passion for.

That aside, the crux of this article is how to turn your passion for wedding photography into a major money-spinner. We have come up with a few steps to bring you closer to your dream gig, check them out below:

Step 1: Ensure your business is registered.

Step 2: Purchase all the necessary wedding photography equipment

Step 3: Set up a simple website.

Step 4: Build your portfolio.

Step 5: Publicize your business

Having stated all these, let’s dive in with further ado.

Step 1: Ensure your business is registered.

The importance of registering your wedding photography business or any business, in fact, cannot be overemphasized. It makes your prospective clients have a certain trust in your business. Here’s a simple question to help you. If you have to make a choice between a registered and unregistered business, which would you pick? I thought so, the registered business. It’s just easier to entrust a registered entity with your money to provide you the service you need.

Another key reason why you should register your business is that it saves your business unnecessary embarrassment. It is quite simple, registering your business helps deal with certain legal liabilities. Now, we know the registration process can be quite tricky so we suggest seeking legal counsel. You should pick out a name for your business that depicts what you do and stands for before registering. Finally, ensure you work out details of your contracts with your attorney.

Step 2: Purchase all the necessary wedding photography equipment

What’s a business without the necessary gear? This is one of the greatest investments you would make in your business. Here are a few essentials you must have in your photography bag:

  1. The right camera
  2. Flash

iii.              Tripod stand

  1. Extra batteries
  2. Memory cards
  3. Different lenses

Along with these, get yourself registered on Adobe for any or both of Lightroom and Photoshop to make your editing a smooth ride. You also need lots of extra space storage on your laptop, your best bet is getting a hard drive.

Step 3: Set up a simple website.

A website is non-negotiable for any business and a wedding photographer you probably need it more. It’s a great platform for prospective clients to look up your work and contact you to handle their gigs. We all know about first impressions, your website is a great way to make one. So here’s the deal. Find a great hosting service for photography websites as well as a great blogging platform like WordPress. The rest is a child’s play since you just need to follow the template.

Step 4: Build your portfolio.

As you gather more experience as a Grand Rapids Rapids Wedding Photographer there is a need to display your work on your website. With the Envira Gallery plugin on WordPress, you can create one. There is much to say once you can follow through with the process.

Step 5: Publicize your business

Every business invests in publicizing their products or services and you should too. No matter how good you are, if you keep it to yourself, your skills will probably die with you. For a wedding photographer, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great marketing tools.

We hope this article on starting out as a Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer has been helpful. For more information, visit Chrystin Melanie Photography.

4 Things That Can Help Improve Your Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonPart of the fun in taking pictures of newborn babies is that they have the most innocent and peaceful look ever. They are the kind of clients that can make one grins from ear to ear just by looking at their sleeping pace. But are there things that you can do to improve your newborn photography London services aside from relying on the fact that newborns are already subjects to take pictures of?

  1. Bundles

People like it when things are served to them as a whole package that includes all the important things they will ever need. Which also means that it’d be great to find a photographer who can help them in deciding what kind of services they should get. New parents are often helped out when you offer them bundles instead of making them think what kind of themes or how many pictures they should get.

Bundles can stretch in terms of time as well. For example, you can create a bundle that allows your client to take pictures of their little one once a year with 4 pictures on every session. This allows them to record their baby’s growth as he learns to sit, crawl and stand!

  1. Improve with preparation

Working with babies means that you are also racing with time to make sure the whole session can finish with the baby waking up. You need to make sure that you have your blankets and props ready. Think of how layering blankets will affect your post-processing and what is the best way to make sure they look smooth.

In a newborn photography London session, accidents are prone to happen, so make sure that you place waterproof pads on your props. It’ll save you a lot of time and trouble with ‘small accidents’.

  1. Communication with clients

You can always improve in terms of building rapport with clients. When it comes to newborn photography that must happen within a narrow time frame, clients have to be well-informed in advance. For example, you need to tell them what kind of props you are planning to use, how long the session is going to be and what parents should wear to the session.

It also helps save your time if you let your clients know that the baby is best to be asleep throughout the whole session. That means the mother may have to breastfeed before setting out or on the way there because full tummy means sleep baby!

  1. Warm spot!

Always prepare the studio or place where the baby is going to have pictures taken at. They love to curl up in warm places because it slows down their metabolism and is similar to what it was like in their mommy’s tummy. So, crank that heater up and keep the room warm to keep the baby from stirring. You can use a small portable heater that warms only around the baby instead of the whole room.

Additionally, playing white noise in the background also keeps the baby calm. You don’t have to feel nervous about shushing the baby during your newborn photography London session because it definitely makes a difference!

You can check for great inspiration and the possible results from following our tips!

Mistakes a Wedding Photographer Dundee Should Avoid Making

wedding photographer DundeeAs a wedding photographer Dundee, there are long lists of “should” and “shouldn’t” that absolutely must be followed. While you could browse the internet’s long lists of what you should and shouldn’t do at a wedding you’re covering, I have a list here of things that could turn the entire event into a true experience of a living nightmare.

  • Not having a Contract

It’s already looking like a horror story, but the night has only begun. You started it without a contract. This is what can cause a snowball effect of problems from day one, as you spend a lot of time planning everything out with your clients- or you should be.

  • Not Having Finalized Poses/Planned Photos

If you don’t already have the main poses finalized by the time the big day finally arrives, then you’re already in for a huge mess. You’ll have to arrange and rearrange until the clients are happy, or too upset to even look at you.

After the first poses is the ceremony, with the first kiss as husband and wife. If you miss that, you can count on missing your job too. Following the kiss is the first dance and several other firsts, which follow the same principle. Moral of the story: don’t miss the firsts.

  • Not Bringing An Assistant

Don’t leave your assistant at home. If you don’t have one, find one. A good one. Someone who doesn’t crack under pressure and who works well and fast on their feet. If you don’t bring an assistant, then the overall toll that you get from the wedding will leave you as an equivalent to the walking dead. If you don’t plan on bringing an assistant, then you might as well plan on staying home.

  • Not Having Backups/Extra Memory Cards

You are definitely not a wedding photographer Dundee if you make this mistake anywhere that you take photos. No one should ever leave for a photoshoot without their extra memory cards. They fill up fast, and sometimes can be brittle and break.

Likewise, if you go anywhere without extra camera batteries, the battery charger, tripod, or any other gear, you might as well quit at photography and join a circus, because only a clown would forget something like that. It may seem harsh to say, but these are vital to your career as a photographer.

  • Not Knowing Trends

If you don’t know the latest trends, then you’ll be lost at some key moments where ideal photos could have been taken. This is about capturing the moment, including these smaller, extra trendy ones. If you miss out on an ideal photo, there will be a lot of disappointment from your clients.

Not only will their disappointment haunt you, but they will probably find you to be too outdated and not really recommend you to anyone as a photographer. Your business would slowly dwindle away.

  • Not Knowing The Guests

By now, you’ll probably know the bride and groom fairly well. But can you even name their guests? If you can’t, then trying to pose them is going to be worse than chaotic. It’s just easier to know who you’re talking to. Plus, if the guests feel like they know you or if you’re at least approachable to them, then they can get comfortable around you which will open so many doors for candid shots.

  • Losing Patience

Losing your patience is probably the worst thing you could allow to happen. It could cost you several bad reviews and even your job. To lose your patience, particularly with the bride or groom themselves, is completely unprofessional and disrespectful.

To lose your self-control like that would be unforgivable to most, especially is someone ends up crying- particularly if it’s the bride. If this were to happen, you could most likely be certain you wouldn’t be welcomed back into the party at all.

For a true wedding photographer Dundee example, see Angus Forbes Photography.

Defining Who a Wedding Photographer Is

wedding photographer EssexThere are different professions in the world. With these different professions, you have people with specific skill sets such that it is not quite easy for an individual to move from one profession to another if adequate training is not done. However, there are some professions that do not necessarily require training.

Training may come in handy to refine the skills but the basic principles can be a silly understood by anyone. Such is the case for photography. Photography is something anyone can do and that is why most often than not, most individuals refer to it as a hobby. But, despite the fact that anyone can partake in it, not everyone can make it a career path.

This now brings us to the question of who a professional Wedding Photographer Essex is.

Who is a Wedding Photographer?

We already established the fact that a wedding photographer is someone who creates a business out of capturing images. However, a photographer is way more complex than that definition. There are certain defining characteristics which a photographer must have to be called one. They are:

  • Positive Attitude

Are you someone that does not like interacting with individuals? Do you always look at the negative side of things? Do you find it difficult to be courteous? Then the job of a wedding photographer is not for you.

The wedding photographer Essex will be interacting with the couple and their loved ones over the course of preparing for the wedding and on the editing day. During these interactions, he or she will have to organize the picture settings and the only way to get a large group of people to cooperate with you is if you display proper courtesy. If you cannot be courteous or are easily irritated, then, you have to work on it.

  • Strong Communication Skills

Apart from being a good listener, the wedding photographer Essex has to be someone that knows how to relay information and make it easily understood by the customers. You should be able to convince or persuade your clients about certain things and the only way to do that is if your verbal communication is on point. Having good communication skills also ties into your ability to listen to the customer. After all, it is from what the customers tell you that you can offer solutions.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Photography Solutions

You are a photographer so it goes without saying that you should be well informed about the latest photography techniques. From these techniques you can also create sustainable solutions to the method you use when capturing images. Therefore, when a couple should approach you to be their wedding photographer Essex like you will be able to provide them with a suitable solution.

  • Strong Problem Resolution Skills

On the day of the wedding, it is likely that there will be tension on the part of the couple as they want things to go as smoothly as possible. There is also an probability that something may go wrong on that day so you need to be on top of your game to ensure that whatever the problem is, it does not affect the progress of the wedding.

3 Tips on How to Be a Successful Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerNewborn photography can be really exciting for a Raleigh newborn photographer and at the same time can come with a lot of surprises especially for the parents. Babies are really beautiful and are truly gifts to their parents thus the outcomes of new born photography portray so much emotions and only an experienced new born photographer can bring out this masterpiece.

New born photography is one of the most beautiful and artistic way of telling the stories of new born, their solemnness and unique attributes makes their kind of photography different from the usual kinds of photography. New born babies are pure and their kind of photography requires so much expertise and focus. People can only get a photographer who is very skilled in this type of photography. Thus, this article today is majorly to give three important tips on how to be a successful Raleigh newborn photographer . The tips include:

1) Be Inspired By the Newborn

In new born photography, inspiration is key. Allowing the new born baby inspire you poses great ideas in your mind even before you arrive at the venue for the shoot or studio.

  Look up pictures of new born on the internet, the different pattern of new born photography and get inspired to give images that would highlight the baby’s beauty.

  Sometimes the best pictures are the ones taken unplanned. Images like the big bold and beautiful dimples, their smiles and even the baby’s full lips.

  See beyond just the pictures, think outside the box, this is a very important tool as a good new born photographer Raleigh to master.

2) Do not stress over getting the perfect baby pose:

Give the baby the chance or opportunity to move, stretch, laugh and even yawn. Babies have really sweet and amazing movements and capturing such moments of the sweet movements of new born gives this peaceful and unique feel to the portrait. Setting up good poses for the baby is also really good but where getting that perfect pose is becoming somewhat difficult, just flow along with what you can get or be patient till you get the perfect pose.

3) Allow the Newborn and Mother Connect

Images of the mother smiling and cuddling the baby can show so much cuteness in one photo. Mothers are symbols of love. Mothers play the hardest part because they carry these babies for nine months and pass through so much pain in delivering these babies. Only mothers can show genuine love to their babies. To be a good new born photographer Raleigh, always find that perfect time for the mother and child to connect and bond. Babies and mothers have so much connection, only the mothers can understand the mood of their babies at every point in time. A good new born photographer captures these bonding moments of the new born and mother. The outcome of these bonding photos gives a more real and natural feel to the portrait rather than using artificial posing.

Hope these tips would be helpful enough to make you a successful newborn Photographer Raleigh.

If you just had a baby and want the best Raleigh newborn Photographer, look up for excellent new born photography in the UK.

What is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

fine art wedding photographyThe fine art wedding photographs are more explicit and stylish compared to photojournalism. The exquisite photos look like they belong in a wedding magazine. The fine art wedding photography focuses primarily on capturing moments that weigh the balance and art of background, lightning, structure, color balance, texture, and composition. Mostly, fine art wedding photographers are using the medium of film to convey their own personal artistic style, but digital photography medium can also be used.

How is fine art wedding photographs classified?

Fine art wedding photography is quite very difficult to really give an exact meaning to it. The photos from this artistic photography are pieces of masterful artworks. The wedding photographers who specialize in creating fine art photos rely on their utmost skill to capture fine art masterpieces, and not depend on Photoshop or editing tools to enhance their captured images. There are wedding photographers who uses what is called “curves layer” to wash out some color from any wedding photography style they do, and have the wedding photos come out as fine art. Genuine fine art wedding photographers uses their expertise and cameras to produce real fine art images.

The goal of fine art photographers is to create more personal photos that are more evocative in conveying realistic impressions of the subjects. The photographs taken by these wedding photographers give emphasis on aesthetic, or the value of the beauty that lies within the photographs. The photographs are about the artists, about what the wedding photographers see with their cameras. It is all about freezing time and catching beauty as they dance in the camera’s lenses, of creating pieces of art as a strong statement of what the artist can see, and it is not about the subjects.

What is used to create fine art photos?

Fine art paper is what the fine art photographers used to print their incredible artworks. This type of paper is expensive, and it is not coated with any chemicals, and so when the images are processed for printing, the ink of the printer soaks deeply into the paper which provides a washed out effect of the fine art images. The fine art papers can be created from 100% alpha-cellulose or wood pulp, and not necessarily from 100% cotton.

Why choose fine art photography?

Fine art photos are works of art that brings magic into the wedding photographs. It is all about seeing a simple gesture or natural moment unfold and capturing it in an artistic way that leverages lighting and background to create wedding photos that can evoke emotion on whoever will look at the wedding photos. Fine art photographers have the capability to see the world in a deeper sense, and aim to produce photographic art, and not just take wedding photos or document the event as it happens. In, fine art wedding photography is at its best. Pure artistic skill in capturing beautiful images through unpretentious view is evident in all the wedding photographs captured by the best wedding photographers who take wedding photography to a whole new level. With unparalleled artistic skill, exceptional wedding photos are definitely a possibility.

How to Find a Professional Baby Photography Service

baby photography Every parent wants to find the best services for their little one, whatever it is. From daycare, haircut, and baby photography. In a photography session, the photographer is in charge of moving your baby, providing the props, the set and editing the pictures for you.

Kids grow up very quickly. One day they are still crawling and babbling incoherent words but next time you realize it, they are already running around, playing with friends. It’s a precious moment that sometimes feels too short to have! That’s why you need to choose the right baby photographer for the job or you’ll miss it forever!

Experienced photographer

The first important step you need to remember is that your photographer has to have the experience. Years of experience explains that he has been doing the same job for years with no problem. He knows what to do with you and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Concerns will be answered and so long as you like his style, nothing is to be worried about.

Experience can mean years in doing baby including newborns photography session. It could be experienced in working as the assistant of professional photographers.

Check their portfolio

The next thing you need to make sure is that you like the style of the photographer. Most of the time, parents love the majority of professional baby photographers work. Still, it’s still important to make sure you won’t be disappointed with the choice just because you thought he’s good.

If you are not sure where to start looking, we suggest you start from baby photography portfolio by Sue Kennedy. She is one of the best photographers for babies and family portraits. We know that if there’s a photographer most parents agree with us on, that would be this.

As you check the portfolios, you can think of poses or use of props that you want to see with your baby. These things can be consulted with the photographer to make sure you get what you want. Also, make sure to ask about the hygiene of the props used. Ask the photographer if he cleans the props, the set, the blankets, and everything regularly? You don’t want to use a blanket with stains from previous sessions!

Enjoy it!

The mistakes that we see from many parents in photoshoot session with their little ones are that they expect a lot of things from it and then are disappointed when it doesn’t go as they hoped. They wanted the baby to look happy and bouncing around when they see the birthday cake. But they end up just looking less excited and just gave it a few pokes.

Others are completely shy in a strange environment with strangers around him. They need their parents to motivate them enough to get him used to the place and start having fun. Others might even cry in the middle of it all!

It’s a day where you shouldn’t be worried about the mess, or the baby’s expression in baby photography. Let your photographer do your thing and remember, babies are different, so you shouldn’t force your expectations on them!

4 Things to Think of When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer Andover

wedding photographer AndoverThere are many things that you need to consider to be put on the list of your wedding photographer’s qualifications. Sticking to that list is important to make sure that you hire the right person and not just based on your feelings and what the wedding photographer Andover said.

But what’s even more important is to create a realistic list for that. You need to make sure that your list of qualifications is reasonable and suits the budget that you have.

The package

Within the budget that you are willing to pay, how many hours are they willing to provide? The longer it is, the more pictures that you will get and more events are covered by the photographer. But longer hours are usually the main reason for the price of the package to increase. Therefore, it’s important to figure out how much your photographer is willing to provide as well.

After that, also check for the extras, such as how many prints are provided, how many albums will be printed and how many pictures will be included in those albums. There might be extra features that different photographers are willing to provide, so put this into consideration.

If you want to ask for a cheaper price, you can ask to have the package customized. Customizing it to only include services that you consider important will reduce the price that you have to pay.


Consider the experience of your wedding photographer Andover. You will feel much more relieved to know that you are giving responsibilities to someone who knows what he’s doing. For example, if you hire a professional from Danish Apple Photography, you will be more assured because he had more experiences in wedding photography compared to many other photographers.

How much is enough? At least a few weddings that he’s successfully worked on before.


Similar to experiences, portfolios are just as important. The photographer needs to have a decent number of portfolios they are willing to show. A great way to find their portfolios is usually through their website’s gallery or blog. Blog updates show their recent works that you can judge the photographer’s style and skill from.

Make sure to have the photographer bring you extra portfolios during your first meetup. If it can be brought as a whole album, that is better for your judging.


There’s also the photographer’s ability to strike up a conversation with you and becomes someone that easily stands around you without making you feel uncomfortable. This is important because you will be accompanied by the photographer for the whole day and it’ll affect your mood as well.

If you are able to warm up to the photographer, it will leave you more relaxed during the wedding day and enjoy yourself more. You can also comfortably ask any questions or express your concerns to the photographer regarding your wedding.

Your wedding photographer Andover’s qualifications must fulfill all these four things. It’s not hard to find someone with these four and you can always add more if you have some personal requests for your wedding photographer.

What Does It Take to Become a Portrait Photographer?

portrait photography studioOwning a portrait photography studio that everyone knows is the dream of many portrait photographers. However, it takes time, consistency and effort to do so. How do you know if what you are doing is already professional as a portrait photographer? Owning a studio is the beginning of your career. Next, you have to make sure those people love their portraits and come back to you.

Learn about your clients

To make sure that the pictures you capture are the ones that your clients really want and need, you have to become someone who knows what they need. Start with getting to know them personally and what they need the pictures with. It will help you imagine the kind of pose and expression you want for him and capture a better image with it.

It also helps if you also do research on the kind of portraits that work for certain occasions. For example, is the portrait for leisure or for audition or application purposes? The latter would mean that you have to consider directing the client to pose in a certain way. Help her express emotions that will be useful for the job. The first would mean that you have you know the person personally and help her show herself.

Friends with clients

It’s important to be friends with clients as well as it helps if you can direct them to pose the way you want them to. Close relationship helps the communication and gets messages through easier between the both of you. Your client will also feel more comfortable. We get to know about this from a professional portrait photography studio owner,

It’s amazing to see when a photographer seems like he’s working with a professional model. In reality, they are just two people who really understand each other and the client has no problem being confident in front of the photographer. It makes the results of the pictures satisfying and easier to edit.

Directing skills

Not just communication, you also have to have that directing skills that help your client easily express themselves the right way. It may not be simple at first because many times, the clients misunderstand the words of the photographers. That is why being friends with them are important as well.

Directing skill means you know how to tell the model what to do and how to help them change when they misunderstood your words. For example, instead of directly saying, “No, that’s wrong.”, you can say, “That’s great. Let’s try with a more tilted head.” Changing your wording keeps the work environment-friendly and comfortable for the clients.

Enjoying the job

The last important part of it is to enjoy the things that you do in your portrait photography studio. It can be tedious, dealing with people who are not used to taking pictures and sometimes very awkward people. You also have to edit many of the pictures as those people are not always perfect as a model. It can get boring even when people keep requesting you to take headshot pictures.

You need to retain that fire and enthusiasm of the job to still provide high-quality service.

How to Hire a Professional Photo booth Service

photo booth hireIn this day of advanced technology, photo booth hire service can be easily found with just 2 steps away from the browser. You can find a range of choices from distance-wise, price-wise to availability-wise. But what really matters right now is how good are the photo booths from these people. You also want to know that the photo booth is going to be something that the guests will love.

A professional, in short, is what you want to know the most and to be honest, we cannot trust them if they just put the word on their homepage, can we?

Experienced photographers

A professional photo booth service provider is often not one of those people who only provide photo booths. They can also be people who are experienced photographers as they expand to provide photo booth service. So, what are the good things about hiring these professional photographers? We already obviously know the good things from hiring companies that solely provide photo booths service.

You get to hire your photo booth from the same photographer. You can get the two services from the same person and possibly gain a discount from doing so. That’s a good thing for you and your photographer. You can also rely on your photographer immediately if something’s wrong with the photo booth.

Experience them yourself

The best way to know if the photo booth is going to be something you like is to try them out yourself. Several types of photo booths cannot be tested before you actually apply them to the set. Although the people will be able to explain to you how they are going to do it. But if you’ve been to wedding parties and saw their photo booths, that’s when you can try them out.

One of our personal experience comes from photo booth hire by We are able to say this is one of the best photo booth services for some reasons you are about to know.

High-quality pictures

Each photo booth that the company provides must have portfolios provided. You want to see that the pictures from these booths are of high=quality and not disappointing. If possible, there have to be pictures that also use various features from the booth, such as stickers and frames.

Flexible time

A photo booth does not operate during all 5 hours of your reception party. During dinner, people won’t come out for pictures just yet and that’s when you can close your photo booth service. You want to know that your provider is going to let you do just that and possibly provide a butler to take care of that aspect.

Something creative, something unique

This last point is added because we know that some of our readers are quite the dreamer. You want a wedding that is really uniquely you and can be remembered by your guests for a really long time. To fulfill that, everything about your wedding has to tailored to it. That includes photo booth hire service that provides booths no others can replicate. Customization is what usually does the job and you can ask about it as some do not allow it.