Adorable Newborn Photography Raleigh NC Props to Get

newborn photography raleigh ncIf you are into newborn photography Raleigh NC, one of the most challenging tasks would be to find props that are safe for a newborn baby. Getting quality shots out of a newborn photoshoot session is one thing, while keeping the baby’s safety and convenience throughout the session is another thing to be done. You should be really careful when choosing the photoshoot props for the baby, as a small error in detail could ruin everything.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about getting all these done, as there are actually props that are not only safe for newborn babies, but also enhance the uniqueness and, eventually, quality of your shots. The following list details out some of those baby-friendly props:

  • Wrap

This prop is not only comfortable for newborn babies, but also really helpful for newborn photographers as it enables the baby to stay still in one position for as long as they need him to be. With the right combination of colors and patterns, wraps could become a really unique prop to be applied to newborn babies.

  • Headbands

It’s always captivating to see babies wearing a headband. This could also be one of the props that you could apply to newborn babies. Headbands could be applied and removed from the baby’s head easily without having to wake him up. You could browse yourself to find headbands with unique shapes and styles.

  • Sturdy baskets

Baskets are one of those props that allow newborn photographers to easily position a newborn baby. He only needs to put the baby inside the basket, which has been decorated with other props of course, and take natural pictures of the baby in his natural poses. It’s as simple as that.

  • Crates

The function of this prop is similar to that of a sturdy basket. You could use this prop as an alternative to a basket, and it would help you doing your newborn photography Raleigh NC.

  • Parent’s hands

It could be the baby’s mom’s of dad’s. The parent’s hands would be a perfect place for the newborn baby to relax and, thus, stay still during the photoshoot session. Any baby would find it convenient to lay on the hands of his parents.

  • Beanbag

If you’re wondering how you could create a beautiful curvy shape on the baby, you could always use a beanbag. This prop would put the baby in a perfect curve. You could then cover the baby up with a blanket if you want.

  • Dolls

You could add some dolls in the same scene as the baby to create a cute and beautiful image of the baby. These dolls could be place near the baby or even laying inside the blanket with the baby.

  • Seasonal props

You could make use of upcoming big events for your baby’s newborn photoshoot, such as some Christmas or new year accessories.

Those are the props that are not only safe for newborn babies, but also could help any newborn photographer carrying out his newborn photography Raleigh NC. You could visit Sally Salerno Photography to see some samples of the use of props in photography.