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Wedding photography

wedding photographer KentHire out a professional wedding photographer Kent set to provide your photography coverage for the wedding. You probably don’t have anything specific down pat yet and that’s fine, really. At this point in time, you just need to make sure that you have a slot in your preferred wedding photographer Kent’s itinerary or else things will pretty much turn out to be a moot point. Make sure that you do something about it and you will never have to worry about things going south when it all comes down to it.

Your wedding photos are extremely important.

You need to make sure that you are planning things out the right way while you are at it. You cannot afford to be complacent with the wedding photographer Kent option that you are considering for your wedding. You need to be very critical and very particular with the choices that you are picking out because your wedding photos will stay with you for years and years to come. This is no small thing and great wedding photos are no small feat. This is why you should really prioritize this in all of the best ways when it all comes down to it.


Book the entertainment for your wedding. You want your guests to have fun and to really remember your wedding day the right way, not die out of boredom. Although you will probably initially think that entertainment is not that much of a priority as with the thought of booking a wedding photographer Kent, you couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to things like this. Entertainment is extremely important and not the type of thing that you should be taking lightly at the end of the day.


Meet up with the caterers that you are planning to hire out. If your wedding venue does not offer out their own caterers, then you will need to double up on the efforts as much as you possibly can while you are at it. Food will turn out to be just as important as the rest of the other products and services that you are booking out for your wedding so pay attention and be very detailed with the way that you would like to go about with things. This is the kind of thing that is bound to take up a lot of time and a lot of energy so make sure that you are up to it. Plan things out and go through them months and months ahead of time so that you don’t have to end up rushing through anything leading up the day of the wedding. Sure, you would need to consider the taste tests and ensure that you are actually getting food that taste good but at the same time, you have to see things from the perspective of your professional wedding photographer Kent as well. The food in your wedding needs to be just as visually appeasing as it is palatable. There should be a pretty good balance in between the two and something that you should be juggling in all of the best ways that you possibly can.

Trivial Stuff About Wedding Photography Every Bride Should Know


You hired a professional wedding photographer Lancashire, not a magician.

wedding photographer LancashireHe can’t just Photoshop everything so try to take this into account as much as possible. If you want your wedding photos to come out looking better than ever, then you have to understand that it will not solely be the responsibility of the wedding photographer that you hired out for the job. As a client and as the main subject in the photos, you should make it a point to know how to communicate with the camera.

Find out what your best angles are.

Make sure that you have makeup on that will accentuate your features instead of dulling them out. Make sure that you are in line with what your wedding photographer is trying to achieve when it all comes down to it. It is the little things that matter even if you might not initially think about it too much. If you have any questions or concerns about posing, talk to your photographer and try to see if you will be able to get some practice shoots in advance. Want to get rid of the fat arms, try positioning them away from your torso so that you don’t end up squishing them. There are so many things that you can do on your end to make your photos come out looking great so make sure that you are well informed about this.

Tipping is not a requirement but it is not frowned upon either. If you are extra happy with the outcome of your wedding photos, then you should feel free to tip the wedding photographer Lancashire that you hired. There is no comparison to the value of a well produced wedding photo album so if you happen to be really happy with the results, then go ahead and feel free to let your photographer know about it. Most of the brides out there maintain lasting relationships with their wedding photographers and this is something that you ought to take into account at the end of the day. Don’t be embarrassed to tip your wedding photographer off if you have the impulse to do so. Give credit where credit is due.

Booking so far in advance is not as crazy as it sounds.

As a matter of fact, this is the type of thing that will allow you to get first dibs on the main wedding photographer Lancashire of your choice, especially if you are booking someone who is in demand or someone like wedding photographer Lancashire Jade Doherty Photography who has already built up quite a name for herself in the wedding photography industry in the Lancashire area. Booking in advance might even cut your costs down a little given the fact that photographers usually have lower priced packages for weddings that are booked months and months in advance. Get this taken into account as much as possible and start planning ahead because this is something that can really benefit you as a client somewhere along the way.

5 Problems a Wedding Photographer Edinburgh Cannot Fix

wedding photographer EdinburghThere is a saying that for photographers, years in the business brings forth experience and experience brings forth knowledge. As a wedding photographer Edinburgh, it is only rational to expect that the knowledge they attain teaches them the best way or method to deal with different situations that might crop up. However, there are still certain issues that are beyond the control of the photographer. Some of them are:

A determined bride

The determined bride in modern day is referred to as a “bridezilla”. It can be expected that as the wedding day dawns, the tension and pressure from trying to make sure everything operates smoothly can eventually affect the bride making her to have a bad attitude all day. For some people, it is a kill joy moment as no one wants a yelling bride or tantrum throwing bride in their faces. This is certainly one situation a wedding photographer Edinburgh cannot remedy.

The weather changes

During the course of wedding planning, the responsibility of choosing the wedding day, time and venue falls on the shoulders of the couple. If special attention is not paid to the weather forecasts, predictions and changes, then there is nothing that can be done if the weather turns out to be not what was expected. Nobody has control over the weather and the only avenue is to either work with the weather or work around it. A good wedding photographer Edinburgh can do both but warding off bad weather is not a trick Ross Barber has up the sleeves.

Guests and Relatives

There are certain individuals who have a certain way about them that cannot be changes. In the family of the groom or bride, it is to be expected that there will be someone who would most likely prefer being anywhere else than the wedding and it should not be expected that they will have smiles on their faces all through the day. With that in mind, the photographer certainly has a task cut out for them when dealing with grumpy relatives. The photographer can only try to coerce them to get in the mood of the celebrations but a miracle should not be expected in situations when they can be adamant.

The other wedding vendors

If adequate research is done before hiring any wedding vendor or service provider, then there is the probability that only the best will be gotten. Even with that, there are still certain situations that may arise that can put a dent in even the best laid plans. For example if you go ahead to hire your cousin to be your wedding DJ, do not expect professionalism overnight if that is not there area of expertise. A wedding photographer can only do so much but he or she is not meant to be held responsible for the actions of another wedding vendor.

Late Arrivals

Was it traffic, an accident on the way to the wedding venue or a wardrobe malfunction? All these and more can bring about a change of plans when it comes to the wedding. It is therefore not reasonable to expect that the wedding photographer should not take pictures until all members of the wedding party are present.

How You Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photographer

Shot list

Leeds wedding photographerGet with your Leeds wedding photographer about creating a shot list for the wedding and let him know what your time lines are so that he is in the loop of everything. Without a shot list, everything can pretty much just fall into chaos and this is the type of thing that you ought to take stock of in all of the best ways that you are capable of.

Meet up with your Leeds wedding photographer ahead of time so that you will be able to create the shot list with him. This said shot list should at some point or so be in line with the sequence that you have for the wedding.

If you have some sort of program mapped out for the wedding, then this is the best place to start. Your photographer needs to know right out how the sequences are bound to pan out when it all comes down to it.

Formal meeting

Have a formal sit down meeting with your photographer ahead of time so that you can go ahead and map things out the right way when it comes to things like this. When you have everything planned out down to a T, you can be rest assured that the rest of the other details will get to follow accordingly and that’s really all there is to it. if you don’t have a shot list, you can also go through with it but the photographer will be a bit less prepared for the compositions that he is supposed to be taking. Taking deep breaths tend to help you out a lot when it comes to looking great and relaxed during the time that you are being photographed.

You have to learn how to relax a little bit.

It tends to show in your photos if you look nervous or uncomfortable. Go through some deep breathing exercises so that you will be able to calm your nerves down a little bit at some point or so. Just sit back and relax and trust in your photographer during the time of the wedding and perhaps even before and after that. You don’t have to stress over the things that you can’t really control. For as long as you know that you have planned all the details out and that you have the right professional like Kirsty Mattson on deck for the job, you really have very little to worry about.

Live in the moment and try not to worry about the rest of the details the moment that you are there during the wedding day. It will show in your photos. Enjoy your wedding day. This is a time that you should be enjoying with your family members as well as with some of your closest friends. This day is all about you and you partner and that really isn’t a bad thing when you come to think about it.

First look shoot

Always go for a first look shoot, especially when you and your partner are feeling the wedding jitters. This will allow you and your partner to acclimate to the fact that you will be in front of the camera all day.

Cardiff Reception Details – A Wedding Photographer’s Guide

wedding photographer CardiifThe primary job of a wedding photographer Cardiff is to make the couple look stunning on their wedding day. This is accompanied by the important duty of documenting the events of the wedding ceremony and the reception with the end result being creation of wedding albums and portraits. Every activity that takes place in the wedding reception like the speech of the best man, the first dance of the couple, to the cutting of the wedding cake and the joyous atmosphere must all make their way on to tape. After all, the couple must have dedicated a lot of effort and resources into planning the day and the best you can do is to make sure that the memories created are preserved.

Going by the fact that as a professional wedding photographer Cardiff, this might not be your first wedding therefore, you should bring to fore the experiences learnt from the past and try to improve upon them. Every little detail matters from the décor of the table top, the candles on the centrepieces and the bouquets that grace the aisles. You might be thinking that these are trivial things and your focus of interest should be placed on actual humans not inanimate objects but that is not the case. The more you incorporate them into pictures, the more real the concept of a wedding is in the final frame.

Another thing that ought to be taken into consideration is the dinner service at the wedding reception. If plates are being served to guests, you can quietly obtain a vantage point of view to take the pictures of the food alongside the guests dining. If it is actually a buffet service, then pictures of the food spread and guests lining up for them can also be taken. Remember that every individual in the wedding has a role to play even if it is that of an usher or server so the wait-staff can also feature in the pictures. For a wedding, not everything must be smooth and polished as you have the occasional little boy getting messy with his plate of food or grandma trying to stuff her face with food.

If there is a bar service or a dessert section, then they should also have pictures taken of them.

Desserts make for colourful pictures while the bar view can offer a different atmosphere from the dining room. The details of the bride and groom should also be photographed after all, this is their wedding and they cannot be pushed to the background. Details of when the couple were dating can also be captured.

The following are just ideas on how to capture the wedding reception.

You can always ask for the input of respective couples to make your wedding photographs have a more personal touch to them aside from relying on your personal creativity. Consultations can also be made with wedding photographer Cardiff Kathryn Adams (Barnard) on how best to cover a wedding reception to get the best pictures.

The History of Natural Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography is viewed by many as a recent trend in the world of photography.

natural wedding photographyThis however is not the case as it has been a long standing style which finds itself also in candid photography in the context of weddings. This style of photography is viewed by extreme traditionalists who are fond of the medium format camera and staged shots accompanied by posed set ups as a threat to its continuity.

In the past, photographers would make use of large cameras which are set atop tripods with a hood over the photographer’s head.

This method of photography requiring formal and posed art was derived as a result of the limitations of technology back then but luckily, the digital age has taken over making it easier for natural wedding photography to take place. In the old style, the photographic technology called for still poses, film changes, exposure times and long winded plates. The breakthrough of fast 35mm solved part of the problems mentioned but it still had certain limitations to it. Now the light weight of the cameras allow for the natural techniques to be applied to wedding photography.

The breakthrough in photography technology brought about a game changer which no longer required wedding photographs to be posed for. Wedding photography could now become more natural. The precious moments of the wedding are those that underscore raw emotions that cannot be repeated in a still pose. Those moments are also best captured when the subjects are totally unaware of the camera’s presence. Here, the natural setting of the location is utilized to the advantage of the pictures as the photographer tried to minimize the use of artificial lighting such as flash in favour of the more natural sunlight.

Fast film was a means used in the past to produce candid pictures but their outcome was grainy images.

As a matter of fact, the fast film (allowed action freezing natural photography in low light) grain became an iconic look for popular magazines like The Times and other iconic journals od the time. Wedding photography of the time borrowed the look found in the magazines and journals with the final photos having a grainy black and white look that appeared more natural. The grain on the images is actually a visual artefact form (a distortion of the true reality). The present day technology now takes this a few steps further with the presence of ISO which affords incredible natural wedding photography options to the photographer with the absence of grain.

Part of the allure of natural wedding photography can be found in the aesthetics that create a timeless and real look as opposed to the other styles. A good way to confirm this is by checking out the natural wedding photography by Simon Grossett. The maturation of natural wedding photography is in the evolution of the wedding album as wedding couples need not apportion time for staged shots on their wedding day to fill the album when the photographer can go about his business as naturally as possible and still provide stunning images.

An In-Depth Look at How a Wedding Photographer’s Skill Can Make Or Break a Wedding

hire this wedding photographer CambridgeHow do you know if when you hire this wedding photographer Cambridge, your wedding photographs will turn out well? The following are essential components that determine the success or failure of your wedding photographs:

Experience of the Wedding Photographer

If you look at most professions, the level of experience in the industry is used to determine the type of clients or work to be vetted out to the workers. Such is the case when you decide to hire this wedding photographer Cambridge. Unless you are a believer in giving everyone an opportunity and you are willing for an amateur to use your wedding photographs as a means of gaining experience then it would be wise to go for those with more experience.

Experience in this case does not look at the number of years spent in the wedding photography industry rather, it is more inclined towards the proficiency level of the photographer. You might find that there are photographers who take on full-time wedding photography roles all through the year while some might be engaged in other forms of photography and take on the occasional weddings during the weekend.  For the sake of your wedding photographs, you have to be confident in your wedding photographer’s experience level before you give the go ahead to shoot your wedding.

Caliber of the Wedding Photographer

You are still undecided on whether or not you should hire this wedding photographer Cambridge so to help you along, the next thing you ought to look at is if your prefer quality over quantity or quantity over quality. That is, the caliber of the wedding photographer is the next thing you need to examine. As your wedding day approaches, chances are you would want to record every precious moment leading up to it and you want several pictures covering every activity that takes place at the wedding. But you need to ask yourself one question; would you prefer having numerous pictures while quality of images are questionable or would you go for quality over numerous pictures? Demanding for several pictures might lead to your wedding photographs being rushed and you do not want that so you might have to compromise when it comes to choosing between the two.


There are several activities that will occur at the same time on your wedding day and it might not be possible to get them all on camera or in the same shot. You as the to be married couple have already decided that every precious moment must be caught on film but your wedding photographer is just one person and you cannot expect them to be in several places at once. It would be beneficial if you were to book a photography package that offers you the choice of more than one photographer as this affords you with the opportunity of gaining different shots and angles to your wedding photographs. Your primary photographer can place the focus on you and your partner while the secondary photographer can work around the guest.

What To Check Out In A Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer


professional wedding photographer's websiteWhen you are looking at the profile of a Hertfordshire wedding photographer and when you are seriously considering the aspect of booking him for your wedding, what you need to ask for as much as possible is a list of references that you can check out first and foremost. Don’t be completely sold on how a wedding photographer sells himself and how he showcases his works purely based on how he says it. You also need to make sure that you are able to gain some valuable input and insights from the rest of the other clients that he has managed to work with in the past.

A list of references is just the type of thing that you will need when you are looking into this because it will give you all of the info that you could possibly need all in one go. Of course, you need to first ask the professional wedding photographer that you are trying to talk to if he is OK with you reaching out to the rest of his previous clients. Let him know that you are doing a bit of a background check on him just to verify and gain affirmation from the rest of all of those other previous clients when it all comes down to it.


The portfolio is the gem of every professional wedding photographer’s website and this is one of the first few things that you ought to be looking for as much as you possibly can. Let his portfolio do all of the talking for him at the end of the day. The thing about portfolios is that they can really shine a light on how a wedding photographer works and how he technically produces his final finished photos.

The portfolio is a chance for you to see how the wedding photographer injects a certain sense of story in the shots that he takes. You will also get to see how he does post processing and how he edits out the photos at the end of the day. you will be able to see what photography style the wedding photographer tends to favor the most or tends to be quite strong in and more than that, you will also get to appreciate the way that he plays around with basic photography elements such as lighting and angles when it all comes down to it.


It would also be in your best interest as a potential client to ask the wedding photographer about his equipment. You don’t have to be adept in photography equipment and you don’t have to be overly technical when it comes to things like that at all. For as long as you know whether he is shooting in film or in digital and if he has backup equipment or not and if he is shooting in RAW or not, then you should be at a pretty good place at the end of the day. A Hertfordshire wedding photographer needs to have competitive equipment in order for him to be able to deliver the kind of photos that you deserve as a paying client after all has been said and done.

What To Look Or Ask For From Your Andover Wedding Photographer

Photos with shallow depth of field.

Andover based wedding photography examplesThis kind of photography effect refers to photos that have a somewhat blurry background with the sharp focus set on a certain focal point in the images that are being shot or that are being produced. This is the type of thing that you should specifically ask for. Just tell your photographer that you prefer photos that are produced with the shallow depth of field effect and you will be more or less good to go on this already. This kind of effect on your photos will give you something that is very dreamy and ethereal and it is the type of thing that a lot of romantics tend to go for.

If you more or less classify yourself as the romantic type of bride and you are all about dreamy and hazy looking effects, then photos with the shallow depth of field effect is the type of thing that you should definitely go for when it all comes down to it. this is the main reason why you should always go for an experienced and expert wedding photographer because he will always be able to deliver everything that you could possibly want or need on this and you won’t have too much of an issue trying to explain or describe this to him. Here are a few Andover based wedding photography examples.

Photos with a clean effect.

These photos require a fairly high capacity camera that will be able to produce top notch quality and resolution photos. Photos like this will not be produced by substandard cameras. It is very important that you are quite particular with the technical requirements that you are setting out for your wedding photographer before you go ahead and book him or sign any contract tying you to him and more or less cementing the deal at the end of the day. This is the type of thing that you should aim to look out for all of the time the entire time that you are trying to set up your wedding photography plans and coverage. Photos like this have very minimal editing so technique and the ability to compose the photos properly will always turn out to be a crucial requirement from the wedding photographer involved when it all comes down to it.

Photos with a matte effect.

This photo effect is the polar opposite of the high contrast photos. The photos don’t look extra crisp and clear but there is a certain novelty to them at the end of the day. If you would like to go for something that looks like it has come from a bygone era or something that is a bit romantic as well, then photos with the matte effect is the best thing that you should be looking forward to. Just make it a point to really ask your wedding photographer for this at the end of the day and things are bound to work out well for you and for everything that you are trying to check out at the end of the day.

Photos with a high contrast effect.

Photos like this tend to pop with color. This is more of for the younger generation or crowd and it can produce something that is impactful and really interesting to go ahead and take a look at when it all comes down to it.

How A Wedding Photographer Based In Surrey Can Gain Clients

Be active on social media.

wedding photographer based in surreyYou should be the type of wedding photographer based in Surrey who is always active on social media. Social media has been tested and proven to be a major influencer in the buying habits of customers. This is just the type of thing that you will be able to really tap into at the end of the day. You need to understand the fact that a lot of other businesses out there that have already flourished a lot and are still currently enjoying the benefits of well-developed social media profiles when it all comes down to it.

This is what you should not be missing out on. It will not require too much effort and time for you to establish your social media profile so try to get into this as much as possible. You need to know that things will be fairly slow at first so don’t require or expect too much in terms of results. What is important is that you get to check things out on a day to day basis. Get on social media for an hour a day and go by slowly. Things should turn up in the long run.

Reach out.

Aim to always reach out to the vendors you get to meet as a wedding photographer based in Surrey. Establishing connections with various vendors in the wedding industry is something that you should really be aiming for as much as you possibly can the entire time that you are there. You need to know that when it all comes down to it, you will really be able to introduce yourself to all of the right people in the wedding industry. The more connections you get to reach out to, the more you will be able to, the more chances there are of you getting some people booked off of these relationships that you have established with the vendors. This is something that is really crucial and pivotal to your career as a wedding photographer and to the way that you do business overall. This is what you should always be looking into as much as possible. Try to categorize the types of vendors that you connect with as well to establish the amount of time that you should be spending on getting to know them.

Treat all inquiries as valid inquiries.

Don’t be too quick on judging people and on the value of the kind of inquiries that they have been making when it all comes down to it. Whenever people ask you a question, go ahead and answer it as completely and as comprehensively as you possibly can. Do not discriminate based on social statuses and based on the walks of life that those clients come from. You will never really know for sure until they actually get to the part where they go ahead and book you at the end of the day.

Do not discredit the power of word of mouth marketing.

When people market your services by way or testimonials and by way of word of mouth, it is something that cannot be disputed even by the most cynical of potential clients.