One or Two: How Many Shooters You Need?

wedding photographers CardiffIt’s an important question that you probably need a quick solution on. How many photographers should you hire for your special day? With such an important event at stake, you want to find the best solution, yet not one that wastes too much money.

Are two wedding photographers Cardiff not enough or is one too few?

Your budget

The first thing you need to settle is your budget. How much can you spare for hiring wedding photographers? After you’ve decided the limit, it’s time to find the right people. Remember that paying more doesn’t always mean you get better results.

When your budget allows you to hire a single professional photographer against two cheap shooters, the first one is better. Don’t go for more just because you think they’ll be able to take more pictures within the same price range.

Big party

With a big party, you most likely need to have two photographers two covers it. You can’t risk having a single shooter miss so many things in such a big event. After all that preparations, you want them to be properly recorded in the album. It’s only right that you have a second shooter to help the first shooter cover the day.

However, this is to assume that the lead photographer is professional. If both of them are at the same amateur level, you better go with a single professional photographer. One of the best wedding photographers Cardiff,, can cover small to medium wedding party on his own. Even if he does bring someone else ever, that person is only to help with handling the equipment.

Photographer’s factor

There are some photographers who work together as a pair. You cannot request to only have one from the studio and these photographers are usually a married couple of sorts. Some have worked together for years and forge a strong teamwork within them.

Such double shooters are one of the best options you can go with. There’s the factor that they tend to cost a little lower, but still, maintain their professionalism like no others. The main photographer is always the main with the supporting role always doing his job well. They work hard to cover everything and save the time as they’ve done the same thing over and over again.

You can imagine some like having a lead photographer with his assistant or having two people performing their own parts as photographers separately. Whichever it is, such photographers can also be pretty rare to come by with.

Half-day option

If you still see the pricey two wedding photographers option as the best one for you, but hiring for the whole day seems too much, then go for half day. Make sure you get all the pictures you want of the most important part of the day for you, let it be the ceremony or reception. This way, you can still get the wedding pictures you want.

Consider your choice carefully. Hiring two wedding photographers Cardiff isn’t always the best choice as it depends solely on their skills. Yet, it is also important to see that there’s only so much a single photographer can do if you’re throwing a big wedding party.

Wedding Photographer Cardiff: How to Treat Them

wedding photographer CardiffThere was never a written rule as to how one should treat their wedding vendors, in particular, your wedding photographer Cardiff. The question starts from whether one should tip their wedding photographer to how early you should expect them to arrive on your wedding day.

Tipping wedding photographer

Tipping is not a must, but it is a way to show your gratitude and tell them that they’ve done a great job. Most of the time, tipping is done for photographers who don’t own a studio or work for someone else that owns the studio. It ranges from $50-$250 depending on the package you took and how generous you feel.

If there is more than one shooter, you can opt for $50 each person or more. But, of course, some of you might be wondering if you really want to tip your wedding photographer who owns his business.

Now, most wedding photographers don’t expect tips. They do appreciate the gestures very much, but it’s not as common as you think. There are less than 30% of wedding occasions where photographers who own the studio are tipped.

However, whenever you feel like your wedding photographer is doing all he can to make sure your wedding pictures will be successful, you are free to tip as long as you really want to appreciate their work. They don’t see it as something else and would be eternally grateful for it.

Preparing their dinner table

Some are even at dark on whether they should prepare a table for their wedding vendors. After paying the fee for their service, it probably did not occur to them whether or not they should eat.

Well, obviously, they need to eat. Would you want your wedding photographer Cardiff turns into a zombie in the middle of the party? No, I wouldn’t. I guess you have the same opinion, too. Preparing a meal for them is not just the norm, but the only thing to do that makes sense. If you check your contract with your vendors (that will be working at your wedding on the spot), some of them require you to provide them with dinner.

And when you do this, do not place them in a separate room from the main hall. Although they are eating, they are still working. is the site of a wedding photographer Cardiff who sees this as an important part to be discussed. They need to be as close to you as possible, so they can jump into action when needed.

Inviting them to your dinner rehearsal

Should I? Dinner rehearsal is a pretty private-sized gathering compared to the wedding day. You are obviously not obligated to invite any of your wedding vendors to your dinner but do invite them to your rehearsal. Most wedding photographers find it helpful when their clients are eager to include them in the practice.

This is going to be a very important event that should not go wrong. Your wedding photographer Cardiff also wants everyone to know where and how to stand, so the pictures can turn out nice. It does not really concern them, but it will concern about how your wedding pictures will turn out. There are several occasions where wedding photographers saved their clients from bad wedding pictures due to wrong positioning of the stage or equipment.

Cardiff Reception Details – A Wedding Photographer’s Guide

wedding photographer CardiifThe primary job of a wedding photographer Cardiff is to make the couple look stunning on their wedding day. This is accompanied by the important duty of documenting the events of the wedding ceremony and the reception with the end result being creation of wedding albums and portraits. Every activity that takes place in the wedding reception like the speech of the best man, the first dance of the couple, to the cutting of the wedding cake and the joyous atmosphere must all make their way on to tape. After all, the couple must have dedicated a lot of effort and resources into planning the day and the best you can do is to make sure that the memories created are preserved.

Going by the fact that as a professional wedding photographer Cardiff, this might not be your first wedding therefore, you should bring to fore the experiences learnt from the past and try to improve upon them. Every little detail matters from the d├ęcor of the table top, the candles on the centrepieces and the bouquets that grace the aisles. You might be thinking that these are trivial things and your focus of interest should be placed on actual humans not inanimate objects but that is not the case. The more you incorporate them into pictures, the more real the concept of a wedding is in the final frame.

Another thing that ought to be taken into consideration is the dinner service at the wedding reception. If plates are being served to guests, you can quietly obtain a vantage point of view to take the pictures of the food alongside the guests dining. If it is actually a buffet service, then pictures of the food spread and guests lining up for them can also be taken. Remember that every individual in the wedding has a role to play even if it is that of an usher or server so the wait-staff can also feature in the pictures. For a wedding, not everything must be smooth and polished as you have the occasional little boy getting messy with his plate of food or grandma trying to stuff her face with food.

If there is a bar service or a dessert section, then they should also have pictures taken of them.

Desserts make for colourful pictures while the bar view can offer a different atmosphere from the dining room. The details of the bride and groom should also be photographed after all, this is their wedding and they cannot be pushed to the background. Details of when the couple were dating can also be captured.

The following are just ideas on how to capture the wedding reception.

You can always ask for the input of respective couples to make your wedding photographs have a more personal touch to them aside from relying on your personal creativity. Consultations can also be made with wedding photographer Cardiff Kathryn Adams (Barnard) on how best to cover a wedding reception to get the best pictures.