Central Coast Wedding Photographer Guide to the Best Poses for Couples

Central Coast wedding photographerThe ability to get the best pose out of a couple is something that a Central Coast wedding photographer needs to master. He needs to make sure that he captures the chemistry and interaction between the couple so that he could express them in his shots. Capturing such chemistry would be a great boost to create a great quality piece of photography, and it’s something that a wedding photographer needs to focus on.

In order to create and eventually capture such chemistry out of the couples, there are several poses that you could try to put them in. These poses are created to spark out that chemistry out through the interaction between the man and the lady in the picture. Here are some of those poses:

A foundation pose

A foundation pose is where the couple is being set to face a certain direction. Both of the subjects are allowed to do any interaction or movement in this pose, as long as they keep on facing the direction we set them to. From this foundation pose, we could then set the couple to do more interaction, like staring at each other, hugging or other intimate movements. It is possible to get more than three variations out of a foundation base, and the possibility is only limited to your creativity (and the couple’s of course).

Facing each other pose

Just as its name suggests, in this pose, the couple would look at each other while having their pictures taken by you. When having a couple facing at each other, you could get limitless other poses as they will do a number of movements naturally with strong chemistry and interaction within each of them. They could hold each other hands, giving a passionate look to each other, or even kiss if they are convenient with it. All you need to do is being aware of this chemistry and capture it in the right moment for a great natural shot.

T pose

In this pose, we would ask the taller one of the couple to stand behind the other person to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, which is a great moment to be captured. The Central Coast wedding photographer may ask the taller one to hug the other person and let them explore further from that pose. You could capture many interactions in this pose, like hugging, kissing, and enjoying each other with great chemistry sparking out of them.

Action pose

This is the best pose to get the best chemistry out of the couples. You simply ask the couples to do pretty much whatever they want to give them more confidence and convenience being in front of your camera. You could find couples dancing, having the discussion, or simply holding hands while walking. Any of these actions will unleash natural chemistry between the persons.

All four poses above are the best ones that could help a Central Coast wedding photographer getting the best shot out of his clients. You could check out yasminanadine.com for more inspiration on poses you could apply in your wedding photoshoots.