Mistakes a Wedding Photographer Dundee Should Avoid Making

wedding photographer DundeeAs a wedding photographer Dundee, there are long lists of “should” and “shouldn’t” that absolutely must be followed. While you could browse the internet’s long lists of what you should and shouldn’t do at a wedding you’re covering, I have a list here of things that could turn the entire event into a true experience of a living nightmare.

  • Not having a Contract

It’s already looking like a horror story, but the night has only begun. You started it without a contract. This is what can cause a snowball effect of problems from day one, as you spend a lot of time planning everything out with your clients- or you should be.

  • Not Having Finalized Poses/Planned Photos

If you don’t already have the main poses finalized by the time the big day finally arrives, then you’re already in for a huge mess. You’ll have to arrange and rearrange until the clients are happy, or too upset to even look at you.

After the first poses is the ceremony, with the first kiss as husband and wife. If you miss that, you can count on missing your job too. Following the kiss is the first dance and several other firsts, which follow the same principle. Moral of the story: don’t miss the firsts.

  • Not Bringing An Assistant

Don’t leave your assistant at home. If you don’t have one, find one. A good one. Someone who doesn’t crack under pressure and who works well and fast on their feet. If you don’t bring an assistant, then the overall toll that you get from the wedding will leave you as an equivalent to the walking dead. If you don’t plan on bringing an assistant, then you might as well plan on staying home.

  • Not Having Backups/Extra Memory Cards

You are definitely not a wedding photographer Dundee if you make this mistake anywhere that you take photos. No one should ever leave for a photoshoot without their extra memory cards. They fill up fast, and sometimes can be brittle and break.

Likewise, if you go anywhere without extra camera batteries, the battery charger, tripod, or any other gear, you might as well quit at photography and join a circus, because only a clown would forget something like that. It may seem harsh to say, but these are vital to your career as a photographer.

  • Not Knowing Trends

If you don’t know the latest trends, then you’ll be lost at some key moments where ideal photos could have been taken. This is about capturing the moment, including these smaller, extra trendy ones. If you miss out on an ideal photo, there will be a lot of disappointment from your clients.

Not only will their disappointment haunt you, but they will probably find you to be too outdated and not really recommend you to anyone as a photographer. Your business would slowly dwindle away.

  • Not Knowing The Guests

By now, you’ll probably know the bride and groom fairly well. But can you even name their guests? If you can’t, then trying to pose them is going to be worse than chaotic. It’s just easier to know who you’re talking to. Plus, if the guests feel like they know you or if you’re at least approachable to them, then they can get comfortable around you which will open so many doors for candid shots.

  • Losing Patience

Losing your patience is probably the worst thing you could allow to happen. It could cost you several bad reviews and even your job. To lose your patience, particularly with the bride or groom themselves, is completely unprofessional and disrespectful.

To lose your self-control like that would be unforgivable to most, especially is someone ends up crying- particularly if it’s the bride. If this were to happen, you could most likely be certain you wouldn’t be welcomed back into the party at all.

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