Cardiff Reception Details – A Wedding Photographer’s Guide

wedding photographer CardiifThe primary job of a wedding photographer Cardiff is to make the couple look stunning on their wedding day. This is accompanied by the important duty of documenting the events of the wedding ceremony and the reception with the end result being creation of wedding albums and portraits. Every activity that takes place in the wedding reception like the speech of the best man, the first dance of the couple, to the cutting of the wedding cake and the joyous atmosphere must all make their way on to tape. After all, the couple must have dedicated a lot of effort and resources into planning the day and the best you can do is to make sure that the memories created are preserved.

Going by the fact that as a professional wedding photographer Cardiff, this might not be your first wedding therefore, you should bring to fore the experiences learnt from the past and try to improve upon them. Every little detail matters from the d├ęcor of the table top, the candles on the centrepieces and the bouquets that grace the aisles. You might be thinking that these are trivial things and your focus of interest should be placed on actual humans not inanimate objects but that is not the case. The more you incorporate them into pictures, the more real the concept of a wedding is in the final frame.

Another thing that ought to be taken into consideration is the dinner service at the wedding reception. If plates are being served to guests, you can quietly obtain a vantage point of view to take the pictures of the food alongside the guests dining. If it is actually a buffet service, then pictures of the food spread and guests lining up for them can also be taken. Remember that every individual in the wedding has a role to play even if it is that of an usher or server so the wait-staff can also feature in the pictures. For a wedding, not everything must be smooth and polished as you have the occasional little boy getting messy with his plate of food or grandma trying to stuff her face with food.

If there is a bar service or a dessert section, then they should also have pictures taken of them.

Desserts make for colourful pictures while the bar view can offer a different atmosphere from the dining room. The details of the bride and groom should also be photographed after all, this is their wedding and they cannot be pushed to the background. Details of when the couple were dating can also be captured.

The following are just ideas on how to capture the wedding reception.

You can always ask for the input of respective couples to make your wedding photographs have a more personal touch to them aside from relying on your personal creativity. Consultations can also be made with wedding photographer Cardiff Kathryn Adams (Barnard) on how best to cover a wedding reception to get the best pictures.